3 Amazing photography ideas to associate with your brand in 2018

3 Amazing photography ideas to associate with your brand in 2018

If you want to establish a new business, or just you want to upgrade to the next level, you have to pay special attention to the graphics and design that you associate with your brand. The right choice of photos and designs is the way to keep your brand appearing updated and professional to your customers.

Now, let us start :

1- To include a Neon touch

Women in neon

As you can see from the picture a dim light with classic wall and the brand name written in a neon light, with the girl expressing herself as a powerful feminist. This design is on the hot spot right now and it is getting a lot of buzzes.

It was popular among clubs, and much vaping business used it as it gives wonderful pictures of vaping that can turn on your mood. Now it is used to represent style and modernization.

2- The Happy Women

Happy womenAlong the ages, women are told unconsciously not to be happy, the social obligation, the fear of shame and unacceptance, all of this and more drive many girls to the negative mindset. And here it comes the idea of the happy women putting pictures of happy women and associate them with your brand will reflect hope, positivity and good well to your brand.

3- Event Association

Event assosiation

As we all know, to market a product or a service you need to associate it with something that people like in order to stimulate them. Many methods have been used but one of the least used is to associate your product or service to a happy event. This can be done by establishing a campaign during the event and taking a picture with your product or service.

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