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Inkjet printer VS Laser printer

The Economic Printer formula


Laser digital printers have revolutionized the printing industry in many ways, as it offers high-speed, high-quality and economical prints.

But, between now and then some customers raise a question whether to buy an inkjet printer for my home use or to go for the laser printer.

The answer is short and simple it all depends on your printing quantity. If you have a quantity of more than 200 pages a month, we will definitely suggest you go for the laser printer.

First of all, most home use inkjet printers can print 100 - 300 pages per cartridge and the cartridge costs usually between 15 - 40 $. That's mean you spend a minimum of 10 cents per page. On the other hand, laser printers can reduce that to a minimum of 1 cent per page.

Another thing is that the quality and durability of laser prints is in general better than inkjet printers. If water drops into the ink it will mix with it and round the print, but this is not the case with laser prints.

Laser printer toner has longer standby time then ink cartridge, if you keep your inkjet printer for a long time without usage then the ink will dry up and you have to change it.

But, we know the fact that laser printer is much more expensive than an inkjet printer, so you got to the calculation and average things up. So we come up with this formula to let you decide which printer to buy for your home usage.

You have to calculate this for both the laser printer and the inkjet printer and see which one is more suitable.

You have to go with the one with the lower value

Cost per print = ( printer price + cartridge price ) / expected number of prints

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