Bird House by Robotime ألعاب تركيب / ألعاب تلوين للأطفال


بيت العصفور

بيت العصفور هو لعبة ممتعة للأطفال , حيث ستبني بيت العصفور ثم تلونه بألوانك المفضلة. اللعبة تتكون من البيت الخشبي و الألوان و الفرشات.

Bird House

Do you have a bird? , would you like to give him a new luxury room ? , this bird house is a fun and exciting children game, first you construct the house then you paint it, it is a wooden house suitable for children from 4 years old and more. It includes the house , paint and a brush.

    • Robotime F197 "Bird House DIY Paint Your Own Nesting Box
    • Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Include bonus paint and brush for decorating

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